It's all signals go and Steve Perry's cleared for take-off; in fact, he's soaring to new heights on a solo flight!  But if you know your Journey facts - as any 16 reader does! - you know that Steve, that crooner extraordinaire, hates to fly!  Not only does he have a touch of vertigo, but he's had one close call too many to enjoy that particular mode of transportation!  So what's all this about flying solo?!!

Well, it's only a figure of speech, 'cause Steve's been considering doing an album all by his lonesome - and now, it's becoming a reality! - in the best Journey tradition of individual projects!   Steve's letting off some creative steam right this very minute by getting his act together for a one-man offering, and word has it, the album will have a little more rhythm and blues kick to it. 

Steve's been spending lots of time on his native west coast since the Journey tour wound down in September, handpicking the studio musicians, putting together the music and having a great time overall.  In fact, Steve's looking forward to having a whole lot more fun with his brand spanking new project  so, in a manner of speaking, he's not the least bit afraid to spread his wings to fly an uncharted course.  If, from time to time, he still gets a little wary in a 747, the dizzying heights of fame seem not to bother him at all  because he's one rocker ready to take a chance alone!

Taking The Rock 'N Roll Risk

Rock 'n roll itself can be a pretty chancey thing and Steve always wanted to be a rock singer! It started when he was very young; after his parents divorced, a lonesome Steve turned toward music for companionship and his fascination hasn't abated one bit!  Even through high school, Steve avoided sports and coped with a slew of nose and long hair jokes  keeping his stance and risking unpopularity to do things his way. 

After two years at the College of the Sequoias in Visalia, California, Steve decided to leave the security of the classroom, too, and seek a music career in Los Angeles.  He saw many a lean day back then, but even when it seemed he'd finally found his niche with a group called Alien (Project)  they were 'closerthanthis' to a recording contract  the bassist was tragically killed in a car crash.  Disillusioned with the rock world, Steve considered throwing in the towel right then and there, or at least returning to the technical engineering he'd mastered to support himself.   But he couldn't squelch the musician in his soul  no matter the hazards  and soon after, things fell into place when a certain band was in need of just the right lead singer. 

His Personal Views

Of course Steve couldn't be happier being right where he is now!  He's glad he stuck to his guns and took those chances.  "I think it would be better to have tried and lost than not to have tried at all." He opines.  He also advises, "Keep trying if you feel you have something to contribute  don't give up."  Well, Steve didn't and now he's contributing more  solo wise!  as Journey takes a break from the rigors of the road.  It's one of those chances he just couldn't pass up! 

So stay tuned to 16 for more news on Steve's album  and don't lose sight of the fact that he's still going to be rockin' long and hard with Journey!
Journey's Steve Perry Spreads His Wings

16 Magazine
Fall, 1983

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