Frontiers Tour Program - Text Excerpt
The idolom that "people make the difference" is all too true when it comes to the success of Journey. The release of escape alone has propelled the band from superstar status to into music legends by selling more than five million records. Acknowledging this, one may suspect Journey to have realized their potential. Not so! And it is you the audience who help Journey to grow and develop, fine tuning their already classic sound. Journey has truly escaped to new frontiers. Their tenth album for Columbia records is now being presented to you in live performance and continues the musical evolution begun nearly six years ago with the release of Infinity.

The new frontier is being able to discover within yourself a potential direction to a successful and brighter future. Graphically speaking, the tunnel into the head and mind on the album and program cover represents a connection between the past, present and future an entrance to a place where possibilities are unlimited.

When Infinity was released, the band introduced a new singer that would explode with talent and expose the band to a new audience as well. The tunes became more song-structured and Neal Schon's brilliant guitar prowess was elevated to even greater heights. As Journey's album turned vinyl not only in technical superiority, but in the intensity of the performance itself. Steve Smith was selected to replace the original drummer, Aynsley Dunbar and, together with Ross Valory, the backbeat to Journey's sound was complete. The addition of ex-Baby's keyboardist, Jonathan Cain came in 1981 when Greg Rolie decided to retire from the group. It was the combined efforts of this team that catapulted the band into history books. But what's nice is that the band is still creating new frontiers.

Life on the road with Journey is nonstop excitement but the creative process of writing new songs and perfecting their stage shows is a full-time occupation. All of the members of the band are constantly visualizing and creating new horizons for Journey.

Neal Schon
Lead guitar and vocals. Neal is admired and respected by his fans as well as his peers. He lives, dreams and breathes with his guitar. If this instrument hadn't been invented, he would have found a way to build one himself. He's a true master who pursues hi obsession with reverence and love usually bestowed upon gods. Neal is currently enjoying the success of his second solo release Schon & Hammer, Here To Stay on Columbia Records.

Jonathan Cain
Keyboards, guitars and vocals. No longer referred to the new kid in town, Jonathan has proven himself in every way. In addition to his incredible song writing abilities and sparking musicianship on the keyboards and guitar, his genuine enthusiasm for excellence has been a key factor in the skyrocketing success of the band. He recently produced his wife's debut album for RCA Records entitled Tane Cain.

Steve Smith
Drums. Blessed with perpetual energy, Steve displays a rare combination of enthusiasm, love and aggression in his "daily assault" on the drums. When "Crunch" takes the stage at night, he's a classic example of poetry in motion. He is currently finishing his first solo LP project entitled Vital Information.

Ross Valory
Bass and vocals. When he is not working on his video projects, Ross is building the solid foundation necessary for every Journey composition. Considered a bassist's bassist, he also possesses one of the most bizarre senses of humor known to modern man. Ross is a true rock veteran, and a man who keep looking toward the future.

Steve Perry
Lead Vocals. Steve possess one of the most identifiable voices in music today. He can sing with all the fury of a hurricane or seduce an audience with a passionate ballad. He's the ultimate showman and the consummate composer and singer.  If he looks like he really love's what he's doing.its because he does.
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