Journey Force Newsletter Excerpt
December 1, 1983

Leaving the distractions of L.A. behind, Steve Perry has gone to Detroit, MI to finish recording his solo album.  The album is coming along right on schedule and is still expected to be at retail counter across the country in January.  Perry hasn't decided on a title yet, but we hope he'll have come up with one for the next newsletter. 

If you listened to the nationally broadcast Radio Stone radio interview with Steve Perry you were treated to the debut of "Ask The Lonely".  "Ask The Lonely" is an unreleased Journey single that will appear on the upcoming soundtrack to the movie "Two of A Kind".   The movie stars Olivia Newton-John and John Travolta.

The group Heart has recorded Jonathan's song "Allies".  It appears on Heart's latest album "Passionworks".  It is a very powerful and moving song that is out as a single.  You can also find Journey's single "After The Fall" on the soon-to-be-released import soundtrack album to the movie "Risky Business". 

"Send Her My Love" has just become the eighth consecutive Journey single to make it to the top 25!  If you would like to help it climb to the tope 10, phone your local radio stations and request them to play it.  Be sure to tell all of your friends to add it to their collections.

Gregg Rolie, Journey's original keyboard player, is finally in the studio recording his first album since leaving Journey in 1980.  Kevin Beamish is producing the project and Steve Smith will be drumming on the album.  It is scheduled to be released in March or April. 

Steve Smith is in the last month of his solo tour for his new album "Vital Information" on CBS Records and Tapes.  Here are the cities that the tour will be stopping.  We do not have set dates or locations for the show, so you will have to check with the local jazz clubs and watch for ads in your local papers.  Starting in the last week of November, they will stop in Phoenix, AZ; Las Vegas, NV; Seattle, WA; Portland, OR; San Francisco, CA; Santa Cruz, CA; and Los Angeles, CA. 

We hope you all saw Jonathan and Neal on Friday Night Videos on November 18th.  Also look for the new Journey video of "Send Her My Love" on MTV and Friday Night Videos.

Journey Force

December 1, 1983

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