Journey Force Newsletter Excerpt
July 1, 1984

Thanks to all the support everyone has given Steve's solo album "Street Talk", and his single "Oh Sherrie", they have climbed to the number twelve and number three positions, respectively, on Billboard's charts.  We are sure that the album will break the top ten by the time you receive this.  The video was the first video ever to debut at the number one position on MTV's Top Twenty Video Countdown.  Steve is currently at work on a concept for the video for his next single "She's Mine", which will also have a picture sleeve when it is released.

Steve Smith and Vital Information have released their second album, "Orion".  They have also been playing selected clubs around the country, ending their brief tour here in the San Francisco area at the end of June.  We will have full coverage and photos of the concerts in the September issue of the newsletter.  Steve has also been conducted drum clinics and when asked about his views on being a drummer he replied, "I try to convey the idea of being a musician, transcending just being a drummer.  The technical aspect has its place, but don't be totally consumed with that." 

Neal has teamed up with Smitty and Eric Martin to write a song called "Eyes of the World" for the upcoming soundtrack album "Vision Quest" on Warner Brothers Records.  Never one to be inactive, Neal has also been seen jamming with Gary Moore, who opened for Rush at their recent Bay Area concert.  Neal and Gary jammed together on the encore song, "Rockin' Every Night".  Neal also dropped in on the Scorpions' concert.

The NFL Firms documentary, "Frontiers and Beyond", has been released on all video formats  VHS, Beta, and video disc  and should be in your local stores by the time you read this.  The hologram design for the cover wasn't possible as originally planned.  However, the video was expanded from the initial 90-minute format to a new 100-minute program.  This video is the first of its kind, and is an in-depth look at Journey, their road crew, and management.  If you would like some real insight on what it's like to be on the road with Journey, this is the video for you!!

Journey and Nightmare have entered the 1984 Bay Area Music Industry League, playing weekly softball games in the area against local teams representing various facets of the music industry.  Our opponents include teams from radio stations such as KMEL, KRQR, and KQAK, record stores, local clubs, recording studios, BAM Magazine, and Bill Graham Presents.  Led by team captain and Force president Tim McQuaid, the "Rockdogs" have one the first three games of the season.  In addition to the regular league games, the Rockdogs played Billy Joel's team, the New York Crabs,, who were in town for a concert.  We are happy to report an overwhelming victory for the Rock Dogs, who defended the Crabs 22-3. 

On Saturday, June 2nd, the "MTV Starship Cruise" was held here out on San Francisco Bay.  Winners of the MTV-sponsored contest were treated to an evening on the Bay with the Jefferson Starship as well as many other prominent Bay Area musicians.  On hand for the trip were Huey Lewis and the News, Eddie Money, the Eric Martin Band, Night Ranger, members of the Tubes, and our very own Jonathan Cain and Neal Schon.  The lucky contest winner and 25 of her friends were treated to a private concert by the Starship and a jam session by several of the attending musicians. 

Journey Force Newsletter

July 1, 1984

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