Journey Force Newsletter Excerpt
November 1, 1983

Somewhere in the Los Angeles area, Steve Perry is in a recording studio working on his first solo album.  Bruce Botnik, who produced Steve and Kenny Loggins single "Don't Fight It" has been selected to produce Steve's solo project.  Although he didn't mention any names, Steve told us that he was getting together with some of his favorite musicians and songwriters for this album.  The record is scheduled for a January release.

Neal Schon and Sammy Hagar are keeping busy here in the Bay Area working on their album.  They have scheduled six dates here in the Bay Area.  They are as follows:

November 10th and 11th in San Francisco
November 14th and 15th at the San Jose Civic
November 20th and 21st at the Marin Civic

Unfortunately we are not going to be able to provide special Force seating at these shows.  We will keep you posted on any future dates that might be added.

Playing with Neal and Sammy in the band are Michael Shrieve, the original drummer for Santana, and Kenny Aronson, the bassist for Billy Squire and Rick Derringer.

Jonathan and Tane' Cain are hard at work with Tane's group "Tryanglz".  Tane' and the group are recording their second album, the first being "Tane' Cain" on RCA.  Tane's group included Jonathan's brother Tommy on drums, Ricky Philips from the Baby's on bass, Dave Amato from the Boston area, and Bruce Gowdy on guitar from Los Angeles.  Kevin Elson, Journey's producer, is producing the album. 

As reported last month, Ross Valory got married in Detroit, Michigan on September 24th.  He is currently honeymooning in the Lake Tahoe area.  We asked Ross how long he was going to be gone on his honeymoon and he said, "Until I feel like coming home".  It might be a while before we see him again.

Steve Smith is started on his fast paced tour of the United States supporting his CBS album "Vital Information". 

Journey Force Newsletter

November 1, 1983

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