Journey Force Newsletter Excerpt
September 1, 1984

Steve Smith has teamed up with producer Kevin Elson to begin work on his third album with Vital Information.  In addition to the regular band members, this album will also feature former Santana keyboardist Tom Coster.  Steve collaborated with Tom on the "T.C." and "Ivory Expedition" albums a few years ago.  The new album promises to contain more of the great material we've come to expect from this talented group of musicians. 

Steve Perry would like to convey his thanks to all the Force members for helping to make his first solo album "Street Talk" such a success.  The album has just gone platinum and is doing well on the charts.  Due to his hectic schedule, Steve was unable to film the video for his second single ("She's Mine"), but will be doing a video for the third single "Strung Out".   This single will also have a picture sleeve, and will make a nice addition to everyone's collection. 

Neal is currently in England for a one-month period, working with the former bassist for The Who, John Entwistle.  Although there are no set plans for an album to come from this collaboration, Neal and John will be jamming on material.  We'll all be waiting to see what develops from these sessions!! 

Plans for the upcoming Journey tour and album remain unchanged.  The guys are planning on returning to the studio to begin work on the next album this fall, with a release date scheduled for early 1985.  The tour will begin shortly after the release of the album.  It is too soon for us to have any exact information on the tour, but we will be printing detailed lists of concert dates and venues in plenty of time for everyone to get tickets.  Stay tuned to your Force newsletters for updated information!!

The 1984 Bay Area Music Industry Softball League has come to a close, with the Nightmare/Journey Rockdogs finishing with a record 8-8.  Despite injuries to key team members, the Rockdogs put up a valiant battle during the last weeks of the season, defeating radio station KQAK 15-6, and giving first place team KMEL a real dog fight! 

Journey Force Newsletter

September, 1984

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