Supergroup Journey filled RockLine! in on the answers to your most urgent questions and on the boundaries of Frontiers.

Q. Is Neal Schon going out on a solo career?  Is he joining a new band?  Something gives, but what?
A. Neal is indeed pursuing many new musical direction  as are all the Journey guys (more on that later). Since his two vinyl collaborations with guitarist Jan Hammer, he's been experimenting with fellow picker Sammy Hagar.  He's even got a new band in the offing which includes Sammy and Heart drummer Denny Carmassi (a new album should come out of that mix soon).  And Neal has let it be known that he would love to team with guitar whiz Eddie Van Halen on a project! Neal has also made it clear, however, that all these heavy metal tendencies of his are merely sport  his heart and commitment is first and foremost with Journey.

Q. Which of Journey's Steves is cutting a solo LP, Perry or Smith?
A. Both.  Steve P.'s is still in the works, but Steve S.'s, "Vital Information", has been out for some time.  On top of that and Neal's extra-curricular activities, Ross Valory has his own solo LP cooking.  Jon Cain is playing it closer to home, helping out on wife Tane's recordings.  But once again, Journey collectively insists, their dabblings outside the band do not bode ill for Journey as a group  in fact, it's helping to strengthen them. 

Q. Is there going to be a Journey film?  If so, will it be called the "New Avocado Review" or "A Long Day's Journey Into Night"?  I've heard both titles. 
A. You've run across the titles for two Journey films.  One is a home-grown number by Ross Valory  who is studiously videotaping the group in action to be presented as his "New Avocado Review".  The other is a highly professional undertaking which Journey assigned to the expert film division the National Football League.  Journey are big fans of those seamless NFL game film clips  and they thought it would be fun to apply the rules of filming football to the action and excitement of a Journey concert.  This will be Journey's answer to such concert films as the Rolling Stones' "Let's Spend The Night Together".

Q. I've heard about Journey's fantastic new video arcade game.  Can I get a cartridge for my home video player?
A. According to Journey's man-in-charge-of-such-things, the new Bally-MIDWAY game will one day be available on home cartridges  though it's not quite yet.  The success of the "Escape" video cartridge makes Journey's hopes for this new and improved mating of electronics, music, and the fun of the Journey guys high as the sky!

Q. Why is that familiar Egyptian symbol missing Journey's Frontiers album?
A. Quite simply because the person who designed the cover (not one of the Journey members) didn't include it! The Egyptian scarab was meaningful to Journey right up through the Escape album  at which time the group felt they were literally escaping from much of the musical formulas they had relied on up to that time.  When the scarab was missing from the cover concept for Frontiers and album of new musical sounds and ideas  Journey decided it was time to go for the break in tradition.

Q. I just saw a Journey concert where they used huge movie screens to show close-ups of the guys playing.  It was fantastic! Is it here to stay?
A. Experimentation and growth is the name of the game for Journey.  Those enormous, enormously expensive, enormously exciting screens will stay until Journey comes up with a new and more novel approach to presenting themselves in concert (some concerts also end with a 90-second film reel of the band, did yours?).  By the way, the Who has already put Journey's new screens to use at one of their concerts  this could be a popular wave of the future for all bands.  If nothing else, Journey are trend setters. 

Q. Did Neal have a motorcycle accident? Was he hurt seriously?
A. Neal did have a bike accident  he skidded on his hands and knees for 50 feet and did some skin damage.  But thanks to some leather gloves, he avoided some real wear and tear to his hands.  Neal always dresses properly for riding 'cause he loves those power machines. Did you hear about the new Lamborghini sports car he's added to his collection?  that makes three such cars in his garage to date!

Q. I'm confused.  I read that the Frontiers song "Send Her My Love" is special to Jon Cain. Then I read it was special to Neal.  Which is it?
A. Both, once again!  Jon Cain wrote the song after a moving encounter with an old friend who brought up memories of one of Jon's past girlfriends.  But when it came time to record the song, it was Neal who was most touched  he claims he wore dark glasses while laying down that track to hide his tears.  Seems Neal was going through a break-up at the time, and the song really hit home.  But don't you think everyone relates to and is moved by that particular song just a little?  The ability to be "special" to everybody is what makes it such a great ballad. 
Send You Their Love And Their Answers

RockLine! 1983

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